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Fixing BugsEdit

The following bugs are issues that have not yet been fixed by Crowd Star.

  • Some cats appear to walk in midair.
  • Hell Hound has two collars.
  • Baskets often experience glitches regarding being fed.
    • Step 1: Feed all the baskets in nursery
    • Step 2: Open arcade
    • Step 3: Close the arcade after 10 sec/go to prizes and close the arcade
    • Step 4: Your basket will be instant grow or re-feed than after finish feed or grow it will back to normal
  • Some pets have a sparkling effect, as if they have just been purchased or groomed.
    • Solution - Refresh the game. If it didn't work, just wait for 24 hours, as it should then disappear.
  • Samurai Turtle's gender changes to female.
  • Pets appearing in two separate rooms.
    • Solution : You need to post in the Report Bug Forum so the Moderators will refresh your account.
  • Baskets not staying fed.
    • Solution: Feed all the baskets in your nursery. Move 1 basket from your nursery to a room in your house or yard. Refresh your game. If this does not work, repeat the steps again or send in a report to the support site listed above and include as much detail as possible.
  • Pandora Pets not being received.
    • Solution: Post in Bug Forum
  • Neighbors not adding properly.
    • Solution: See work around in Bug Reports forum.
  • Walls get stuck in the Gift Box from Accessory Box Gift
  • Gift Idols timing down in gift inbox.
  • Issues with Orders not going through and not being able to be disputed.
  • Mystery Box re-spawns after being clicked when returning to the same room.
    • Solution: Avoid clicking it. This will cause an error.

Fixed BugsEdit

These are the list of the bugs that have been reported and been fixed.

  • Duck bills falling off.

Solution - This bug is fixed.

  • Totally black pets appearing in room

Solution - Don't feed/move/anything with these pets, as they will disappear on your next refresh. This bug is fixed.

  • Upgraded piggy bank doesn't change appearance

Solution -This bug is fixed.

  • Level-locked items that are above your level don't display correctly in store
  • Game won't load in IE
  • XP Idols not working properly.
  • Gift box not clickable (Workaround: Refresh game with every gift you need to place in the game)
  • Trapped Pets issues on server 10
  • Idols received as gifts won't come out of the inbox
  • Gift button - Not yet active!!
  • Visit streak resetting for Pandora pets
  • Reduction in size of nursery
  • Dress up section showing other items
  • New yard not displaying properly
  • Gifts not being received - we may have made a fix for this, but unfortunatly all the old gifts wont work. All those will have to be 'ignored' on Facebook and new ones will have to be sent.
  • Neighbors displaying as No Name
  • White Glow Owls changing to Black Glow Owls.
  • Ferret Popup constantly appearing - WORK AROUND: Refresh your game, it will stop it constantly appearing.
  • Accepting a neighbor doesn't change their status from pending- Fixed.

BUT you will have to re-send these neighbor requests which were accepted or sent during the bug.

  • flash error when trying to publish orphan bunnies
  • Hats not staying on Fluffy Cats
  • Pet sale pop-up offer for 00000 coins
  • Corrected Psychedelic Parrot name
  • Bunny Ears forum feed image display
  • Baby Blue Bunny forum feed image display
  • Pets now breed in front of the screen (prevents baby baskets from becoming hidden behind objects)
  • Adult mixed breed Parrot sale price
  • Baskets now appear at the front of the screen instead of at the back (so less likely to be behind furniture)
  • Outdoor furniture is not able to move from yard to yard.
  • Blessings not working.
  • Baskets not growing, or need feeding too often.
  • Babies coming out as adults when hatching from the basket (or aging to adult instantly after birth)
  • Dog collars not being reusable
  • Purchasing the same clothing within the same room for different pets
  • PIN # errors in Pet trader, passwords starting with 0 being rejected when they are correct
  • Siamese cat's "Meow" (Siamese Cat "meows" silently)
  • pets displaying more than once in the FIND A PET tab
  • Hats and Collar available for adoption
  • "Use" clothing error (switching items from pet to pet)
  • Sale price, growth time, feed time for Grey Husky
  • Sale price, growth time, feed time for Grey Dalmatian
  • Fixed room loading error if you own a Spotted Dog or Brown Poodle
  • Pets not showing in the Happy Hotel (If you have more than 4 pets checked in that exceed the maximum capacity, you'll have to check out the extra pets to see them populate in the window)
  • Adopted pet lands in Happy Hotel
  • Mocha German Shepherd- Mouth has been fixed from black to dark brown
  • Selling price of old coin dogs
  • Mystery Box Crashing browsers
  • Blessed Basket pets hatching as full adults.
  • Dogs look sad in grooming screen
  • Pig and Bird eating not displaying food.
  • Store doesn't scroll right in IE8- TEMPORARY WORKAROUND : Use Firefox or Chrome to access the store
  • Raised Sell value of adult Parrots
  • Raised Sell value of adult Bunnies
  • Raised Sell value of adult Grey Cat
  • Valentine tiara or Valentine collar you already own not in dress up menu
  • Photos taken with the in-game camera are blurry and pixelated
  • Food can only shows 3 digits (it should show 4 digits now)
  • Baby basket growth times were 4 days (it is now set back to 3 days)
  • Parrot perches can't be used outside
  • Breeding Parrots produces a baby pig basket
  • Black tailed blue dog can't breed
  • Cheshire cat face is black (cats with black faces will keep them, but new Cheshire cats will have purple faces)
  • British tea set won't stack on tables
  • Cats get singing trick twice.
  • Toys section missing from store-

Solution:This is not a bug. Toys are no longer purchased, they are all free to use infinitely in the toy chest.

  • Hats and collars won't stay on the Pet- to make it stick, first apply "none" hat or the blue collar to pet. The re-apply the hat or collar you want them to wear.
  • Pets are breeding twice
  • Tiger litterbox causes flash errors
  • After you buy a tiger litterbox, the litterbox section of the store doesn't display right
  • Mystery boxes don't display the clicks on the luck counter immediately.
  • Facebook Credits purchase error: "Application not validated by Facebook"
  • Can't buy Pets from the store
  • Some pets are invisible (but still in the room)
  • Singing cat trick has no sound
  • Singing cats give no rewards when petted
  • Newly bought yard not showing, or pets in the yard not showing
  • Can't sell a pet without publishing it
  • Some of the newer dogs were charging wrong price in store
  • Adoption link is a dead end (you didn't get any pop up when you were sent to your house)
  • "Bottle of magic" cannot be placed on furniture.
  • Typo on training screen (tierd)
  • Recently unlocked new room, then all pets and furniture placed in the new room vanished.
  • One room wouldn't load
  • Missing Pets and Decorations. Images weren't loading.
  • Breeding says your Pets are related when they are not.
  • Bunny eyebrows
  • Rooms don't open up to where the Piggy Bank is anymore.
  • Adopting a Hamster gives you a turtle
  • Posting pictures in the forum
  • Happy Pets photo albums
  • Some pink noses turned black.
  • Baby baskets won't stay where you put them
  • Items falling off Roman columns and French urn
  • Ability to buy the Wild Spotted Cat
  • Breeding
  • Frozen Cats
  • New gifts cannot be stacked
  • Items won't stay stacked on log cabin bench.
  • Some floors don't load in Medium or Low Detail mode
  • Cannot place objects on the fireplace mantel
  • Game lag

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