Yellow Karner Butterfly

The Yellow Karner Butterfly

Butterflies are a certain type of Pets that are available in Happy Pets. The first type of the Butterflies is the Karner with is an Endangered (Imperiled) Species in the Real Life. The second type of the Butterflies is the Morpho. And the last type is the Ulysses. Their price ranges from 26 Facebook Credits to 99795 coins for the Yellow Karner Butterfly and the Brown Ulysses Butterfly.


  • Red Karner Butterfly
  • Green Karner Butterfly
  • Purple Karner Butterfly
  • Yellow Karner Butterfly
  • Green Morpho Butterfly
  • White Morpho Butterfly
  • Purple Morpho Butterfly
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Pink Ulysses Butterfly
  • Red Ulysses Butterfly
  • Brown Ulysses Butterfly

Note: You're restricted to buy the Yellow Karner Butterfly without 21 neighbors.


  • This is the first insect in Happy Pets.

They are the only species on Happy Pets who can breed with their relatives.

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