Various Glitch Eyes

The Glitch Eyes are rare type of eyes and also a Bug (Others are hacked) in Happy Pets. Most Glitch Eyes are very hard to find.

With the introduction of Random Cat, the glitch eyed cats became more common, as you could get them in a Random Cat if you had enough patience. Though Random Cats came with new eyes, which are at this time a lot more desired than glitch eyes.

Normal Glitch EyesEdit


Mutant Eyes


Mutant is the first ever glitch eye in Happy Pets.

Found in: Mutant Cheshire Cat

Hacked Glitch EyesEdit

Not all eyes are accidentally created by Happy Pets (Crowdstar) though. The Hacked Glitch Eyes are usually the 26 Colored Eyes and they are created by some Happy Pet Players. Creating a Hacked Glitch Eye is illegal.




The Red Eyes are usually the first Hacked Glitch Eyes. Just like the Mutant Eyes, they are solid.

Rumor says that Red Eyes came from Microcat, but that is not true.