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A Glitchy Cat

The Glitchy is one of the "Cats" of Happy Pets. (Which is usually a bug, it can be seen while scrolling throught the store for a few seconds)

He's a very popular cat to most Happy Pets players.

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An Adult Glitchy Cat


  • Cost- Must Be Bred
  • Adult sells for - 750
  • Adult in - 3 Days
  • Feed every - 8 Hours


Glitchy's fur is smooth, He's a mixed Scruffy Grey Calico, Scruffy Grey Bengal and Grey Tabby. Glitchy appears to have a Black Calico Patch, Stripes and Spots, Glitchy's eyes are Blue or Green (Fluffy). He seems to been Happy or Sad.

Breeding a GlitchyEdit

Breeding a perfect Glitchy is very hard. But some people breed an "almost" Glitchy Cat. Here's some cats that you should breed for a Glitchy



See AlsoEdit

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