101xp3/7 Day FeederAbbreviations and Meanings
AccessoriesAlbino DobermanAlbino Koala
Albino Persian CatAlbino Siamese CatAlbino horse
Amethyst AppaloosaAquariumArgentinian Cat
BFF CatBasketsBig Cats
Black CatBlack DogBlack Litterbox
Black MittensBlack PegasusBlonde Dog
Blonde Hound DogBlue BedBlue Birman Cat
Blue Leopard CatBlue Persian Spotted CatBlue Siamese Cat
Blue Spotted Scottish Fold CatBlue Tiger CatBlue Tiled Wallpaper
Bluegrass horseBreedingBrown Bengal
Brown CatBrown ChickenBrown Persian Calico Cat
Brown Spotted Scottish Fold CatBrown TabbyBrown Zebra
Bugs and GlitchesButter horseButterflies
Butterscotch Scottish Fold CatCalico CatCandy unicorn
Cat ToysCatsCatzilla
Cerulean ChickenCerulean HorseCerulean horse
Cheetah Siamese CatCherry HorseChestnut horse
ChickensCitrus CatClean
Clone CatClothingClydesdale
Coconut horseCoinsCotton Unicorn
CowsCrowdStarCrowdstar Cat
Dark Grey DalmatianDevil HornsDino prize
DinosDogsDress Up
Dun horseEspresso German ShepherdExpand
Facebook CreditsFamous Pets SeriesFantasia Unicorn
Fantasia horseFarmFlame horse
FloorsFluffy Black and White CatFluffy Blue Cat
Fluffy Blue Striped CatFluffy Gold CatFluffy Grey Calico Cat
Fluffy Orange CatFluffy Orange Striped CatFluffy Pink Cat
Fluffy Purple CatFluffy White CatFood
Food BowlsFountain of YouthFoxes and Fennec Foxes
Free PetsFurnishingsFurniture
GiftsGirl HamsterGlitch Eyes
GlitchyGlitchy (Cat)Gold Cat
Gold Siamese CatGold TabbyGoods
Green ParrotGrey CatGrey Dog
Grey Siamese CatGrey TabbyGrey Tiger Siamese Cat
Happy PetsHappy Pets WikiHats
Hell HoundHorsesHot Pink Pig
HotelHouse CleanlinessInsta-Grow
LaserLeelaHintz151Leopard Siamese Cat
Level 2Level 3Levels
Light Brown DogLimited Edition CatsLimited Edition Pets
LitterboxesLucky BoxMachine Cat
Mardi Gras CatMidnight Scottish Fold CatMocha German Shepherd
Mystery BoxMystery Box (item)Mystery Dog
Neighbor RequestsNeighborsOrange Bengal
Orange CatOrange Persian Calico CatOrange Persian Tiger Cat
Orange Siamese CatOrange TabbyOrange Tiger Scottish Fold Cat
OthersOwlsPalomino horse
Pandora PetsParkPastel Blue Persian Cat
Pet FurniturePet HungerPet Trader
PetsPiggy BankPink Calico Cat
Pink CatPink ChickenPink Clydesdale Unicorn
Pink Persian CatPink Persian Spotted CatPink Siamese Cat
Pink Two-Tone CatPlum horsePrehistoric yard
Psychedelic CatPsychedelic DalmatianPsychedelic Siamese Cat
Psychedelic horsePurple Persian CatPurple Persian Tiger Cat
Purple Siamese CatPurple Tiger Scottish Fold CatRandom Cat
RareRaven UnicornRed Karner Butterfly
Red Pinto HorseRed Siamese CatRed Spaniel
Red T-RexReverse Zebra CatSafari
Scruffy Black CatScruffy Black MittensScruffy Gold Tabby
Scruffy Goth CatScruffy Grey BengalScruffy Grey Calico
Scruffy Grey TabbyScruffy Orange MittensScruffy Rusty Cat
Scruffy White CatSiamese CatSmoke horse
SnapshotSocial BreedingSparkling Angel Cat
Sparkling Arctic CatSparkling Guardian DogSparkling Guardian Unicorn
Sparkling PetsSpotted Wild CatStore
Tawny LabradorTeal Persian CatThe Big Red Dog
TouchToy ChestToys
TrainTurkish Purple CatViolet Horse
Wall StuffWallsWarning Message
White BengalWhite CatWhite Chicken
White Clydesdale PegasusWhite DogWhite Husky
White LionWhite Persian CatWhite Poodle
WildWolvesYellow Chicken
Yellow DuckYellow SpanielZebra
Zebra Cat
File:1.jpgFile:10885469 1047747325252315 6612503179041192027 n.pngFile:10996813 1082409355119445 3263651648300379924 n.png
File:12152 105156942829051 100000042387298 136286 6467318 n.jpgFile:1499634 200747446780528 1535522296 n (1).jpgFile:15000 121275154566778 100000528829739 228858 4769333 n.jpg
File:15000 121275231233437 100000528829739 228859 504590 n.jpgFile:15000 121275291233431 100000528829739 228860 1009237 n.jpgFile:15000 121275351233425 100000528829739 228861 2597808 n.jpg
File:18649 288451713518 288451473518 3400965 3632619 n.jpgFile:19449 294444143518 288451473518 3419028 7645094 n.jpgFile:19449 295701493518 288451473518 3423505 4834451 n.jpg
File:1979577 1047747318585649 2180458554973603410 n.pngFile:2-19-2010-2-38-37-pm-1-.jpgFile:2.jpg
File:23446 1194093827384 1679600911 356186 3624292 n.jpgFile:23484 303118303518 288451473518 3451027 7735544 n.jpgFile:23656 363541758518 288451473518 3619255 964721 n (1).jpg
File:23814 109635039047908 100000042387298 234171 7339311 n.jpgFile:25013 370115098518 288451473518 3635050 4294491 n.jpgFile:25363 375036723518 288451473518 3757554 2429331 n.jpg
File:3.jpgFile:31994 422516099107 761219107 5372056 7836280 n.jpgFile:34860 134417973263932 100000871897888 175570 2767304 n.jpg
File:35700 135516836475943 100000528829739 302238 5942684 n.jpgFile:37537 426409627824 127148832824 4718460 5484280 n.jpgFile:37851 144195928925152 100000042387298 393460 4384664 n (1).jpg
File:37900 140772019283758 100000528829739 334083 1989021 n.jpgFile:38841 145616658784431 100000082923057 434506 1390077 n.jpgFile:39249 10150213965740507 182924960506 13481734 357190 n.jpg
File:6.jpgFile:60990 443167122824 127148832824 5120422 5539959 n.jpgFile:ASC T.jpg
File:Albino Persian Cat.jpgFile:Albino Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Aquarium.png
File:Argentinian Cat.pngFile:Artic Cat.jpgFile:BB T.jpg
File:BC T.jpgFile:BM T.jpgFile:BT T.jpg
File:Basket-rabit.jpgFile:Basket-turtle.jpgFile:Berry Milk.png
File:Bird.PNGFile:Black Cat.pngFile:Black Dog.png
File:Black Mittens New.pngFile:Blonde Dog.pngFile:Blue Leo Cat.png
File:Blue Leopard Cat New.pngFile:Blue Persian Spotted Cat New.pngFile:Blue Siamese Cat New.png
File:Blue Spotted Scottish Fold Cat New.pngFile:Blue Tiger Cat New.pngFile:Blue bed.png
File:Blue spotted cow.pngFile:Bluegrass horse.pngFile:BrC T.jpg
File:Breeding.pngFile:Briman.JPGFile:Brown Bengal New.png
File:Brown Cat New.pngFile:Brown Persian Calico Cat New.pngFile:Brown Scottish Fold Cat New.png
File:Brown Tabby New.pngFile:Brown chicken.PNGFile:Butter Horse.png
File:Butterscotch Scottish Fold Cat New.pngFile:Calico Cat New.pngFile:Cane - 5th Aug 2010.png
File:Cane - Cat - 5th Aug 2010 a.pngFile:Cer.pngFile:Cerulean.png
File:Cerulean chicken.PNGFile:Cheetah Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Chestnut Horse.png
File:Citrus Cat New.pngFile:ClC T.jpgFile:Clean.png
File:Clifford.jpgFile:Clone Cat New.pngFile:Clothing.png
File:Cocoon.jpgFile:Coins.pngFile:Cotton Horse.png
File:CrowdStar.pngFile:Dress Up.pngFile:Dun horse.png
File:Facebook Credits.pngFile:Fantasia Unicorn.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Fdstgfdhg.pngFile:Feature.pngFile:Fluffy Black and White Cat New.png
File:Fluffy Blue Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy Blue Striped Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy Gold Cat New.png
File:Fluffy Grey Calico Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy Orange Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy Orange Striped Cat New.png
File:Fluffy Pink Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy Purple Cat New.pngFile:Fluffy White Cat New.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fountain Of Youth.pngFile:Fox.jpg
File:Furnishings.pngFile:GT C.jpgFile:Girl Hamster.png
File:Glitcheyes.jpgFile:GoldCat.pngFile:Gold Cat New.png
File:Gold Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Gold Tabby New.pngFile:Goods.png
File:GrC T.jpgFile:Green Turtle 2.pngFile:Grey Cat.png
File:Grey Cat 2.pngFile:Grey Cat New.pngFile:Grey Cat new.png
File:Grey Dog.pngFile:Grey Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Grey Tabby New.png
File:Grey Tiger Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Grggvf.pngFile:Groom.png
File:Halo.pngFile:Happy-pets-albino-pets-notice-1283204968 168x168-1-.pngFile:Happy Pets.jpg
File:Happy pets t-rex.jpgFile:Hotel.pngFile:Hotpinkpig.png
File:House Cleanliness.pngFile:Ian.pngFile:Image.png
File:Leopard Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Level 2.pngFile:Level 3.png
File:Light brown Dog.pngFile:Merkat.jpgFile:Midnight Scottish Fold Cat New.png
File:Mist.jpgFile:Mutant.jpgFile:Mystery Dog.jpg
File:Naa.pngFile:Niaf.pngFile:OB T.jpg
File:Om.pngFile:OrangeCat.pngFile:Orange Bengal New.png
File:Orange Cat New.pngFile:Orange Persian Calico Cat New.pngFile:Orange Persian Tiger Cat New.png
File:Orange Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Orange Tabby New.pngFile:Orange Tiger Scottish Fold Cat New.png
File:Orangecat.pngFile:Otter.jpgFile:PC T.jpg
File:PTTC T.jpgFile:Pastel Blue Persian Cat New.pngFile:Pet Hunger.png
File:Pet Trader.pngFile:Pets.pngFile:Phoenix.jpg
File:Piggy Bank.pngFile:Pink Calico Cat New.pngFile:Pink Cat New.png
File:Pink Persian Cat New.pngFile:Pink Persian Spotted Cat New.pngFile:Pink Siamese Cat New.png
File:Pink Two-Tone Cat New.pngFile:Pink chicken.pngFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:PlayNow.pngFile:PsC T.jpgFile:PsyC T.jpg
File:Psychedelic Cat New.pngFile:Psychedelic Dalmatian.PNGFile:Psychedelic Siamese Cat New.png
File:Purple Persian Cat New.pngFile:Purple Persian Tiger Cat New.pngFile:Purple Siamese Cat New.png
File:Purple Tiger Scottish Fold Cat New.pngFile:Purple and Red Cat.pngFile:RC T.jpg
File:Random kitty.jpgFile:Rat.jpgFile:Red.jpg
File:Red Karner Butterfly.jpgFile:Red Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Reverse Zebra Cat New.png
File:SBC T.jpgFile:SGT T.jpgFile:SWC T.jpg
File:Sadas.pngFile:Scruffy Black Cat New.pngFile:Scruffy Gold Tabby New.png
File:Scruffy Goth Cat New.pngFile:Scruffy Grey Bengal New.pngFile:Scruffy Grey Calico New.png
File:Scruffy Grey Tabby New.pngFile:Scruffy Orange Mittens New.pngFile:Scruffy Rusty Cat New.png
File:Scruffy White Cat New.pngFile:Sdfd.PNGFile:Sem título.png
File:Siamese Cat New.pngFile:Snapsnot.pngFile:Spotted Wild Cat New.png
File:Sruffy Black Mittens New.pngFile:Store.PNGFile:Store.png
File:TPC T.jpgFile:Teal Persian Cat New.pngFile:Touch.png
File:Toy Chest.pngFile:Toys.pngFile:Turkish Purple Cat New.png
File:Type of Wolf.pngFile:Unicorn Candy.jpgFile:WB T.jpg
File:White Bengal New.pngFile:White Cat.pngFile:White Cat New.png
File:White Dog.pngFile:White Dog 2.pngFile:White Persian Cat New.png
File:White chicken.pngFile:Wiki.jpgFile:Wiki.png
File:Wild.pngFile:Yeet.jpgFile:Yellow Chicken.png
File:Yellow Karner Butterfly.jpgFile:Zebra Cat New.png