Mardi Gras Cat is Premium Pet For 36 FB credits,

Mardi Gras Cat From BreedingEdit

Getting a Mardi Gras Cat without money is Very Hard to finish.

These are the breeds you Should breed for to look like Mardi Gras Cat :Edit

Clone Cat

Turkish Purple Cat

Pink Two Tone Cat/or Muti Glow Red-Spotted Cat With White Fur

Mixed Breed That Looks Like Pink Cat With Black Eye Lashes.

(Breed Pink Cat & Black Cat)

Purple Siamese Cat

Blue Stirped Fluffy Cat


Breed Mixed Cat (From Clone Cat & Turkish Purple Cat) Adult To This

Citrus Cat.

Breed Mixed (From Pink-two tone cat/Muit Glow Cat) Adult to This

Fluffy Purple Cat

More.... Coming

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