Green Turtle 2

The Green Turtle is an example of an Other type of pet you can purchase.

Other is a type of Pets available for purchase in the Store that doesn't include animals in their categories. 

Farm Other PetsEdit

  • Brown Spotted Cow
  • Black Spotted Cow
  • Maple Spotted Cow
  • Blue Spotted Cow
  • Lavender Spotted Llama
  • Black and White Spotted Llama
  • Red Llama
  • Pink Llama
  • Lime Llama
  • Purple Llama
  • Blue Spotted Llama
  • Carob Spotted Llama
  • Yellow Sheep
  • Blue Sheep
  • Green Sheep
  • Purple Sheep
  • Black Sheep 
  • Pink Sheep
  • Tan Donkey
  • Black Llama
  • Orange Llama
  • Red Sheep
  • Yellow Donkey
  • Grey Goat
  • Green Donkey
  • Blue Donkey
  • White Duck
  • Spring Zedonk
  • Blaze Donkaloosa
  • Coho Zedonk
  • Limesicle Pintonk
  • Bright Purple Spotted Cow
  • Bright Magenta Spotted Cow
  • Bright Green Spotted Cow
  • Bright Blue Spotted Cow
  • Green Spotted Goat
  • Pink Spotted Goat
  • Aqua Spotted Goat
  • Yellow Spotted Goat
  • White Spotted Goat
  • Brown Duck
  • Black Duck
  • Yellow Duck
  • Pink Duck
  • Psychedelic Duck
  • Black Lop Rabbit
  • Tan Spotted Lop Rabbit
  • Brown Dutch Lop Rabbit
  • Green Splotchy Lop Rabbit
  • Purple Dutch Lop Rabbit
  • Yellow Lionhead Rabbit
  • Chocolate Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

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