The Big Red Dog

The Big Red Dog (also known as Clifford) is a limited edition Dog and One of the Four Dogs in The Famous Pets Series.

It's size is 2x larger than a regular dog. (Same as the Ultracat's Size)

The Big Red Dog resembles Clifford the Big Red Dog


  • Cost - Unknown
  • Adult sells for - 2340 Coins
  • Adult in - 4 Days
  • Feed every - 12 Hours


  • The Big Red Dog's gender cannot be picked. However, all Famous Dogs are males.

    The Big Red Dog (Left) and A purebreed Catzilla (right).

  • This dog is easy to train. (In Toss-The-Treat Game) (Well, sometimes it's a bit hard for some reasons.)
  • The Big Red Dog can the be obtained in the Lucky Box

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